Hardcover Modern K9-Training for Police/Military/Protection (english)




Modern K9-Training
for Police/Military/Protection

Practice meets Science

The contents of the ebook (Part 1) are the topics related to the importance of cynology in the service dog, general requirements for service dogs, inspection criteria for service dogs, learning behavior of dogs in terms of official use and topics to prevent stress in training, the training of explosives detection dogs and much much more ..
This book is currently not available in public bookstores! You thus have the opportunity to receive a very exclusive book about the service dogs and thus to become an expert!

Hardcover – High-quality book – 188 pages – of which 30 pages are illustrated.

  •    You are looking for a professional training opportunity in the area of service dogs?
  •     You can not continue with the training of your dog?
  •     You are a professional dog leader or would you like to become one?
  •     Are you interested in professional service dog training?
  •     You want to earn your living with service dogs?

With this book you get a lot of expert knowledge and take it to a gigantic level.

  • Requirements for service dogs
  • Review criteria
  • The purchase check – now the dog has to deliver!
  • Learning behavior of dogs
  • Behavior in the environment
  • Special use of service dogs
  • Stress in training – not so!
  • Training of explosives detection dogs
  • Teamwork
  • Training methods of military dogs
  • Emotion, drive, behavior
  • 3 coping styles during learning
  • Auditory stimulation
  • Early forecast for the efficiency of service dogs
  • Technical platforms for a smell trail differentiation
  • Interfering substances in the search for explosives
  • Training tool for explosives detection dogs
  • Physical reaction to stress
  • Influence of stress on the sense of smell
  • Recent work areas of modern detection dogs
  • and much more…


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